How to Approve New Comments.

The site is set to NEVER allow any new comments to appear without the Webmasters permission.   All new comments need to be approved before they will be shown on the site.

When you login you will see an area at the Top Middle called “Right Now”.   This section will show you at a glance if you have any Pending New Comments that you either need to Approve or Delete.

Here is a screen capture image of what the area looks like when you login.

comments that need to be approved

The image above shows that you have 4 posts, 4 approved comments and 5 pending comments.    Approved means that the Webmaster has already approved the comments to be allowed to be shown on the site.    Pending means that no Webmaster has approved the new comment.  If no Webmaster approves the new comment, it will just sit there and never be allowed to appear on the website.

To actually Approve or Delete any of the New Comments, you need to CLICK to get into the Recent Comments section.

Here is a screen capture image of what the area looks like, and where you Need To Click to go do your approving or deleting.

click here to approve or delete new comments

In the image above, you would CLICK on the Orange Link titled, “Pending”.   Look where I put the little white glove for where to click.  This takes you to the section where you will see all of the new comments.    You will see where you need to either approve or delete each comment.

You can also go to the “Recent Comments” section and click on the “View All” button / link which will take you to the same location as the above orange pending link.

Here is a screen capture image of what the area looks like, and where you Need To Click to go do your approving or deleting.

View All button in the Recent Comments section


Sadly you will receive “Lots” of SPAM.  You can’t stop it, so just delete it and don’t let it pile up.   If you delete it every few days or weeks you can keep it under control, but if you wait months and months you will get thousands of the SPAM comments and trackback links and it will take a very long time to delete them.

This SPAM will be New Comments and also Trackback.    Both types of SPAM can be deleted within the above sections.

You should keep ahead of the SPAM problem by deleting the SPAM every few days. Don’t wait until you get hundreds or thousands of SPAM comments and Trackbacks !!!   It takes awhile to delete them if you have so many, and you also want to make sure you don’t delete any GOOD COMMENTS and REAL Trackback links.    The good ones are important, SPAM is never important.

John, I deleted 144 Trackback links which were SPAM today.    A Trackback link is where someone links their site to yours, but most seem to be SPAM type of links.  You can tell by the topic, video games and etc.   In the future you will get good Trackbacks, and you should be able to tell by the site address and what their comment actually says.


I think I have about covered everything you need to know.



You add a New Post just like you would when you make a New Page, but you make a new post within the Post Section ( in the admin area).

You can’t Re-Order (move around) a new post.  Each new post sits at the top of the BLOG Page and pushes the previous post down.

DON’T RE-NAME THE BLOG PAGE !!! You can move the BLOG page up or down within your menu section, but please don’t re-name it !     It would break things by re-naming it.   Also most visitors know what BLOG means so it is smart to use the standard phrase for Posted Content, which is BLOG.

You need to select a New Category (or categories) for each post.   Categories are used to organize content by Topic (category), and this makes it easier for visitors to locate all posts on the same topic.    I have already created some categories, but you may need to add some more as time goes by.   A good example of using a category would be when you have a web site update, this post would go into your site or website update category.    If you had a post about an upcoming meeting, you would make a category for meetings.   An interesting news event might go into News and etc.

You would manually create a new category within the admin section under categories.

I am NOT an expert on this, but if you “Delete” a category, it “Might” delete all of the Posts within that category.


Wow, here is another post !

We will call it Test Post #3.   I placed this post into 2 categories, which you can see beneath the post where it shows you more info.

I am going to add a few comments.  One will be approved and the others will not.



Here is test post #2.   I added an image to this post, and placed it in only one category.   It is possible to add a new post to as many categories as needed.  Note, you would need to add any categories for the site.