Our “Diety”

We believe there is only one God, “The One”, who we recognize as the supreme divine power; unknowable, ultimate and from which the entire universe sprang.

Because the concept of this power is far beyond our mortal ability to fully grasp, we are faced with the conundrum of trying to understand that which cannot be understood.  We believe “The One” wants us to come to know it intimately on a spiritual level should we choose to do so.

We don’t believe the Goddess and God existed, as such, before our spiritual ancestor’s recognition and acceptance of them as manifest personifications of “The One”.  The energies behind them, however, did as an aspect of the “The One”.  So, by personifying it’s unknowable nature as the Goddess and God, we believe “The One” has shown us a path to achieving this understanding.

The Goddess and God are all-powerful because, as personifications of “The One”, they are the creators of all manifest and unmanifest existence.  They created us.  We can contact and communicate with them because a part of us is in them and they are within us.  Through our communion with the Goddess and God we may ask them to celebrate life’s joys with us or to help sort through its difficulties and trials.  They will help us help ourselves.

The Goddess and God are equals; their roles intertwined and complementary.  Honoring the Goddess alone is a step backwards in relation to our human development.  She is rooted in reality, in life-creating instinct and in the fruitful Earth.  By her nature she cannot help rebirthing the Son/Lover who is her complement, thus forcing us once again onto the forward path.  To honor the God alone is to cut one’s roots off from the source of life, and to value categories and abstractions above the realities they represent.

The Goddess, our divine Universal Mother, is the source of fertility, wisdom and love.  Her gift is Life and She is all Nature.  The moon is her symbol.  She is often depicted as having 3 aspects:  Maiden as patroness of things fresh and new, Mother as patroness of challenge, passion, creation and nurturing, and Crone as patroness of wisdom and judgment.  A 4th aspect of the Goddess, although never seen, is Death, which is represented by the dark side of the moon.

The Earth Mother is the most vivid and immediate face the Goddess presents to us.  She is fertility itself, for mankind and for all creatures and plants.  She gives birth to us and to them; she nourishes us and them throughout life, and in death receives the empty physical shell back into herself and transforms it into new fertility; for she is both the womb and the tomb, which is again the womb.  She maintains the eternal, rhythmic balance by which plant feeds animal and animal feeds plant, and each moreover breathes out the air the other needs to breathe in.

The God is the divine equal and counterpart to the Goddess.  He is the male aspect which pervades all of the universe in vast interrelationships of every possible sort, providing impetus, creative spark and more is represented by his symbol the Sun, and is the source of life.  As the year waxes He is the patron of all which is new and growing in that he is the warmth which causes seeds to sprout and hastens the greening of the Earth after the winter. As the year wanes He becomes the patron of all which ripens and declines. His birth, death and rebirth represents the cyclical nature of life.