Our Coven

Because we believe any covenant with the Goddess and God is a purely personal matter, we do not require any initiation or pledge of allegiance to join our church. While membership is not required to attend services, we ask that those wishing to become members make a sincere avowal to honor the Goddess and God and do their utmost to live in accordance with Wicca’s tenants.

We do not claim any sort of exclusivity so our members may join other groups should they desire to do so and if that group is amenable to the idea. Our only stipulation to this course is that if the other group has any privacy concerns with regards to any of their practices… we don’t want to hear about them. We insist that members wishing to go this route respect the other group’s right to keep whatever they want to themselves.

We oppose any establishment of any sort of centralized authority or ruling body for Wicca on the grounds that once established, those bodies tend to become enmeshed in dogma for its own sake and stifle individuality amongst their congregants. We feel the strength of Wicca is its current emphasis on this very individuality and the resulting freedom to worship Deity as one wishes and with whom one wishes.